Sigma Group of Institutes’ cricket Team has marked their presence in one more cricket tournament IGNIS 2018 which was organized by Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology. The tournament was started from 6th April 2018 by winning against GEC Navsari followed by winning against SVNIT. But losing against GEC Gandhinagar made them one step behind the tournament. Our player’s confidence made them stood 3rd in the tournament by winning against GEC Surat in Semi Final.
Losing a tournament never stopped our player to mark their identity in the tournament. Our player Harsh Raykar became Best Batsman of the tournament with 256 runs and 3 wickets, Yasin Divan became the player of the tournament with 135 runs and 14 wickets.
These opportunities can lead them to achieve big in the future, and Sigma will always be with them.