If you don’t have a career plan, you don’t know exactly what your goal is and how you’ll come to it. Following several simple steps, you can make your future career successful.

1. Set your goal

When it comes to choose our scope, we are often guided by external factors: the prestige of the profession, the opinion of relatives, the pressure of society. Write down the requirements that you set to your future career, and carefully analyze them. Are they in line with your current position? Are there anything that could be imposed to you by any significant person? Set your goal so that it will inspire you but meanwhile will be achievable.

If you cannot immediately specify, try to keep your thoughts within one sentence. Use positive wording, avoid the “not” particle.

2. Visualize

Find a time when no one will bother you and immerse yourself in dreams. You will get the most coveted position you can imagine. What kind of field will you choose? How will you feel? What will change in you? What project you will be able to implement? What will be your responsibilities? How will your capabilities expand? Now you can descend from the heaven to find analogues of your ideal work in the real world. Think about what requirements will your position meet? What opportunities can it offer to you? Will there be a demand for it?

3. Analyze

Analyze if your education, professional skills and personal qualities are suitable for the desired job. Even if your previous experience is not related to a dream job, think about how you can apply it to a new position. What was especially easy for you? What did you get the most out of? What skills would make you a unique specialist in this field? After receiving a list of what you have at the moment, determine what you do not have enough to get a job that will fill you with energy. What skills do you lack? What will need to be studied?

4. Plan

After comparing the qualities, you already possess and the skills you need to achieve your goal, write down how you can move from the current position to the desired job. Do you need to go to courses or can you do with the purchase of a textbook? Do you need to pass an exam? Prioritize tasks and make a step-by-step plan. Set a time frame for achieving the intermediate goals and record the result of each stage. So you can track your progress according to the plan.

Each plan is different, don`t be afraid to edit it and adjust to your career path. By implementing each stage, you will learn to understand your desires better and live in harmony with yourself. Your dream job is waiting for you!

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