Even the most unpleasant event can magically turn into the greatest success in your life. Just remember that defeat is not a fate, but a choice! Life does not always turn out exactly as you hoped and waited and when something goes “wrong”, we have two options: either to give up or to be creative. Often most of us choose the first way. Not because we want to. Not even because otherwise it does not work. It`s just because we do not understand that there is another way!

We donā€™t want to realize that we can find not just good, but life-defining opportunities in almost every crisis! No wonder that in Chinese the word “crisis “consists of two characters ā€“” danger “and “opportunity”. Of course, failure is frustrating. At the same time, it`s also an amazing opportunity to make your tomorrow better than today.

Sigma Group of Institutes can advise you to follow few simple tips that may support you in times of change:

1) Try to think positively!

Negative thinking reduces the objectivity of perception of this world, thus practically eliminating the opportunity to adequately face unexpected events.

So, stop scrolling in your mind all sorts of “horror stories” and thoughts about the hopelessness of your situation! Also get rid of the habit to perceive everything what surrounds you as “white” or “black” ā€” everything is not so simple. Even the most unpleasant event can magically turn into the greatest luck in your life.

2) Avoid the “victim” position.

If you see personal failures as tremendous opportunities for change, it gives you the strength to survive those failures. Do you think it’s impossible? Do you think the problems make us unhappy? After all, it is the problems that give us the opportunity to see the real prospects for the improvement, and we grow due to them only ā€“ intellectually and spiritually.

3) Give yourself time to learn the lesson.

In crisis moments, we need to make efforts to realize everything that is happening to us. People, on the contrary, carefully run away from failures before learning something from them. Therefore, they repeat the same errors again.

4) Do something useful and inspiring.

Just take a decision: whatever happens, you take a useful lesson from this.

5) Take responsibility.

Stress-resistant and successful people take responsibility for their lives and choices. They are sure that even if something went wrong, they can fix it!

Just remember that defeat is not a fate, but a choice! Every challenge is an opportunity! It allows us to mobilize our internal resources on the maximum level and to realize all human potential, which, as we know, is unlimited.