There is a belief in society that there are useful and harmful habits. But what is a bad habit for one person (for a workaholic relaxation and rest are like death), for another is the basis of a harmonious existence. We can definitely say that good habits make life more vivid, while harmful ones are those that slowly kill a person’s health, his faith in himself.

Healthy habits

Having good habits is a dream of any sane person, however what is a good habit? This is what gives energy and strength, leads a person to the goal and dreams come true, prolongs life and gives a sense of confidence among everyday stresses. Constructive and healthy habits are:

  • daily morning exercises;
  • proper diet;
  • day planning;
  • daily hygiene procedures (prevention of a huge number of infectious diseases);
  • to eat only when hungry;
  • drink up to 8 glasses of clean water per day;
  • to avoid canned and refined foods;
  • sleep and rest in a proper time;
  • learn something new every day;
  • keep a personal diary.

Bad habits

What is a bad habit? Very often in the category of such habits we can find ordinary human “imperfections”, for which he scolds himself, but continues to do, because it is his “second nature”. The habit of “being good”, to comply with others` needs and opinion is very often harmful, a person ceases to be spontaneous and creative. In the category of bad habits that are really destructive, are those that are harmful for health and lead a person from real life into illusions:

  • smoking;
  • alcoholism;
  • drug addiction;
  • hyperalimentation (overeating);
  • gamblers;
  • shopaholic;
  • addiction on TV, social networks, etc.

How are habits formed?

It has been proven a long time ago that bad habits are formed faster than healthy ones, but the mechanisms of formation are the same for any kind of habits (whether it is the habits of successful people or losers) – multiple repetition leads to consolidation. What else lies in the mechanism of addiction:

1. positive emotions, comfort feeling (for example, smoker is in illusion that when he smokes all the worries and anxieties dissipate along with the smoke, and beginner in sport has the familiar feeling of euphoria);

2. simple habits are formed within 3 to 21 days; the formation of complex ones takes from 3 months to six months.

How to get rid of bad habits?

How to get rid of bad habits in 3 days? It`s not possible. Before you get rid of bad habits, it is important to realize how it affects your life. Go back mentally to the time when there was a failure and instead of confident behavior and problem solving there was a departure to what is today an “integral” part of the character and it did not happen in 3 days. It is important to approach the process of getting rid of the habit creatively with the elements of the game.

Here in Sigma Group of Institutes we advise students to follow the tips that can help them to get rid of bad habits:

1. Clear understanding.

Why we get rid of this and what we cultivate in ourselves in return (void should be filled with something alternative, but useful).

2. Full responsibility.

Breakdowns can occur in the process of getting rid of bad habits, it is important to understand and recognize it, without shifting responsibility to external circumstances or people.

3. Meeting face to face with yourself.

When there are feelings of anger, annoyance, irritation in overcoming yourself – it is important to realize all these emotions, then it becomes clear what you drowned out with the help of this habit.

4. Accept your imperfection.

Yes, all people experience this feeling, often the pursuit of the ideal has a strong impact on self-esteem and consolation is nicotine, food and alcohol, laziness. It is important to go at your own pace to the target and compare yourself only to yourself of yesterday.

5. Creativity.

In moments of strong temptation to go back, you can deceive yourself, telling: “I hear you, let’s do it tomorrow”, while finding something to do what can captivate you.

6. Time.

Others have succeeded, so it is possible. Remember that there is the point of time when a new thinking will be formed, and a useful habit will be fixed, so mentally go there and fill your mind with those feelings and emotions from the victory over yourself.