As Robert Kiyosaki, famous American businessman and author said, most people never win because they are very afraid of losing. The school is the one to blame. The school teaches us that mistakes are bad, we are punished for making mistakes. But if you look at the root of things, people learn new things due to mistakes. Winners are not afraid to lose. The losers are afraid. But failure is a component of the movement to success. People who avoid failure, avoid success as well.

In our society, lucky people are winners. However, what are factors that so greatly set them apart from others? Successful people act in a completely different mindset and that is why they always achieve outstanding results.

Here are some differences between winners and losers:

1. Winners focus on solving the problem and Losers focus on the problem itself;

2. Winners take responsibility and Losers blame others;

3. Winners find opportunities in crisis, while Losers complain about the crisis;

4. Winners enjoy the present and learn from the past, but Losers live in the past;

5. Winners make a decision and stick to it no matter what. Losers promise but don`t keep their words;

6. Winners think about how they can achieve their goal. Losers think about obstacles on their way;

7. Winners focus on personal development and Losers neglect personal development;

8. Winners meet their fear face to face and take the challenge. Losers live in their own fears;

9. Winners are constantly expanding their comfort zone. Losers remain in their comfort zone;

10. Winners are constantly acting. Losers refrain from acting, they lack consistency;

11. Winners learn from their failures. Losers are afraid of failure, and avoid them by any means;

12. Winners try different strategies when they don’t get results that they planned. Losers doing the same things again and again expecting different results;

13. Winners set goals. Losers lack purpose;

14. Winners plan their future. Losers don’t like to have plans;

15. Winners believe that there are always things to learn. Losers consider themselves experts although they don`t know much;

16. Winners are modest. Losers are selfish;

17. Winners continue to improve their skills every day. Losers create a small effort improving their abilities;

18. Winners work hard. Losers avoid work;

19. Winners give all their energy to the goal that they decided to achieve. Losers make everything by force;

20. Winners are persistent and will do anything to achieve the goal. Losers give up when they face obstacles;

21. Winners know how to use their time properly and indulge in activities that will lead them to achieve the goals. Losers do not have enough time management, they indulge in activities such as playing games, watching endless repetitions;

22. Winners think about the possibilities. Losers focus on the difficulties that will distance them from the goal;

23. Winners are confident. Losers have doubts;

24. Winners give more than they take. Losers take more than they give;

25. Winner thinks and leads. Loser refuses to think, so he constantly has to follow someone;

26. Winners spend their money for training to improve their knowledge and skills. Losers think that spending money on trainings and seminars is a waste of money, they prefer to buy things that bring immediate pleasure;

27. Winners help others to win. Losers refuse to help, and think only about personal benefit;

28. Winners think that people who are smarter than they are can raise them to greater heights. Losers think that people who are smarter than they are will lead them to defeat;

Successful and unsuccessful people are very different in their type of thinking. This means that if your way of thinking is more gravitating to the qualities of a loser, you have the opportunity to transfer yourself to the level of thinking of the winners and achieve results. Sigma Group of Institutes can help you to build a successful career and become a true winner in your life. Visit one of these links to learn more about career opportunities:

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