Scientific and technical achievements radically change the picture of the world, they affect the level of civilization, way of life and value ideals of a single person. To be in demand and appreciated in the labor market, it is important to focus on the trends of economic systems and society. So, what new professions already exist or will appear in the near future?

Jobs related to science and space

Another promising direction of the current century is the development of innovations in the field of vehicles, as well as the modernization of transport infrastructure. On the agenda – the creation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly machines, characterized by versatility. Thus, in the next ten years, the specialty of the developer of alternative modes of transport will become one of the most popular professions.

Managers in space tourism – managers of the new age components of the program visiting of lunar bases, space stations, near space.

The designers of the life cycle of space structures – astringency specializing in the development of satellites and stations with the possibility of their disposal or adjustment in the future.

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Business and information technology

In the 21st century professions related to the purchase and sale of real estate will remain relevant. Among the most popular realtors will be developers, entrepreneurs engaged in the promotion and implementation of the construction of any project. Any business they start with a plan, invest their money in it and build an individual financial scheme. The ultimate goal of the developer is to maximize the cost of the project.

There are new professions in IT. Among them-copywriter (writes custom information and advertising texts) and content manager (fills websites with photos, news, articles), web designer. Work of web designer includes the development of website design. SEO specialist promote web sites in the Internet.

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Event-industry, advertising and trade

The development of the entertainment industry in the 21st century has created a need for professional organizers of various events. Event managers are engaged in planning and conducting parties, anniversaries, weddings, children’s parties, corporate events, training, conferences and presentations.

Professions of social sphere: education and medicine

The impact of information technology will tremendously change the education system in the coming decades.

New profession of the 21st century, which is not taught in universities yet is a coach. He is both psychologist and consultant. It helps to increase the productivity of the enterprise by means of revealing the potential of the employees` personality. The list of functions of the voucher includes: consulting and analysis of the problem of the situation, setting goals and drawing up a training program, conducting training. IT-technologies can also help a qualified psychologist to realize himself. He can work as an online coach or as a social networking worker.

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Transplant professionals for growing bodies, plastic surgeons and nanomedical experts will take special place in medicine of this century. Promising profession, according to Danish researchers, is gerontopsychologist consultant, assisting the elderly as long as possible to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Genetic diagnostics-physicians, who identify and prevent the development of hereditary diseases will be in demand in the 21st century. Bioethics will monitor compliance with the legal and moral framework in institutions.

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Every century in the history of mankind is marked by new opportunities and discoveries in different spheres of human life. In the 21st century, we the influence of rapid development of new technologies, global computerization, important medical discoveries. Sigma Group of Institutes strives for and provide competitive specialists for leading future industries, to align our society as a whole so that the benefits of higher education and innovative approach reach all the sections of the society- especially, to those at the bottom of the pyramid.