Positive thinking is one of the main secrets of happy and successful people that helps to cope with life’s difficulties and has a positive impact on the psychological and physical condition of a person. Positive thinking is also known as the art of living – the ability to live with a smile, love and confidence in the soul.
After all, it is much more pleasant to communicate with a person who has positive thinking. Such people are much more attractive to others, they are open to new opportunities and knowledge. However, it`s necessary to make a huge effort every day to think positively.

Below you can find some tips that students, teachers and staff of Sigma Group of Institutes use every day to master the art of positive thinking:

1. Keep making notes of any good things, even the smallest nice little things that happen to you. And never forget to say “thank you” to people and situations that have been helpful and enjoyable for you.
2. Meditate daily for at least 30 minutes. The sun shines not only for flowers and trees, but also for the pleasure of the whole world. Let such thoughts charge your mind during meditation.
3. Visualize your dreams! Make a wish card and spend 5 minutes every day looking at it and imagining that your dreams have already come true.
4. Smile more often! Your smile sends a signal to your brain that you are happy.
5. Take care of your health. Try to eat only healthy food regularly and spare enough time to rest. It is impossible to stay positive if your energy reserves in the body are exhausted.
6. Daily read positive stories, aphorisms, watch comedies, funny videos. Life is the picture we paint, not the task we have to solve.
7. Try to stay close only with positive people who raise your self-esteem and make you strengthen your faith in yourself and the infinity of your possibilities.

Learn to focus on the best options of the outcome of any problem. Keep in mind the worst option, but don’t be afraid of it. Positive thinking is primarily work on yourself, on your thoughts.
Positive thinking doesn’t mean you should ignore any trouble and always repeat that you’re doing well. You should learn to look at your problems in a positive way, focus on what they teach you and what benefits you can get from it.