Once Steve Jobs said that the only way to do outstanding work is to love what you do genuinely. Without any doubts, to feel happy, you need to do what you love and love what you are doing.
A person who chooses to perform an unloved job, constantly concentrates on negative thoughts. Gradually this negativity begins to spread to all other areas of his life, because what we focus on grows and grows stronger over time. Why do many people, aware of the negative impact of unloved job, continue to do it?

Here are the most common answers to this question:

  • “I have no other choice — I need money, I have to pay bills”
  • “I can’t afford to do what I love”
  • “I can’t do anything else”
  • “I don’t know what I like to do, so I have to do what I know how to do”
  • “I’m scared to change something now» «What if I don’t succeed?”

All of these statements suggest that these people believe in poverty, not in abundance. They believe in their limitations, not their limitless potential. They believe that they are victims, not creators.
Trying to be happy is pointless as long as you focus on something what you’re experiencing negative emotions about. You will not be able to experience the satisfaction of your life until you feel the sincerity and devotion to yourself. And devotion comes not only from the awareness of the needs of your mind and body, but also from the awareness of the needs of your heart and your soul.

What to do?

It doesn’t matter what your profession is, even if you have one or not. Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever the circumstances of your life are, you do something every day. These days can be filled with love and joy or hatred and anxiety.

Below you can find few tips that students of Sigma Group of Institutes use to do what they really passionate about every day:

1. Explore why you resist doing what you love to do.

Many of us were taught that choosing a career in an early stage of our life, we should do a job in the field we studied. But is it reasonable to continue doing what you have chosen at the age of eighteen, if now this activity causes you only negative emotions and experience?
If you keep doing things you don’t like, you will never get out of this trap. Focus your thoughts on what you like to do. Put that thoughts in your mind and start thinking about it, even if you’re not ready to make a change yet.

2. If you’re not ready to leave your unloved job yet, find something in it for which you can love it

“Any job is as magical as you make it”
– Regina Brett

Whatever you’re doing right now, you can do it with love. Your attitude to your current activities is your choice, which is a consequence of the relevant thoughts.
If you focus on what you don’t like about your job, it will become the center of your thinking and your discontent will grow. Everything you’re against works against you. Find something you can be grateful for in your current job and focus your thoughts on it. Think about how you can do your job differently, what you can bring to it to start getting satisfaction from it.

3. Set a goal to discover your desire to do something

“If you stop dreaming and strive for some ideals,
one can say that you have ceased to live”
– Marian Anderson

Many people live their lives as if they did not live at all. Why is this happening? Because they’ve lost what’s called passion. Each day is similar to the previous one, they live like squirrels in a wheel. But those people who have found their passion, who know what they want to achieve in life, live their lives to the fullest mode. Every day is filled with meaning, joy and happiness.
Set a goal to discover your sincere desire to do something or to achieve something. And it will be your driving force that will fill you with inspiration every day of your life!