Many paths lead to success. But there are some career myths that only bring to a standstill. What are these myths, and what do we really need to believe?

Myth 1: If you work hard, you get a lot of money.

You put a lot of effort into your work and deserve a good reward. But, unfortunately, everything is arranged a little differently.
Laura Sherwin, famous career coach, believes that: “In order to stand out among the sea of talented colleagues in your company, you need to learn to promote yourself. If you are a good employee, it doesn`t mean that you know how to manage your career.”
In order to promote yourself and therefore to grow in your career, you must “actively manage your career and make the necessary efforts to build relationships within the team, while thinking through your every next step.”
You have to understand what you want. This will allow you to gain a foothold at the next stage of your career. If you are a strong producer, it also means that you can automatically become a successful manager. So, make sure that you have improved your skills to work successfully at the next level.”

Myth 2: You should pursue your career from a young age.

If you have been working for many years and have not yet achieved great success in building your career, don`t despair and don`t think that it is too late.
According to Shefali Raina, career coach, the statement that you have to work on your career almost from childhood is a myth, and very dangerous.
“Faith in this myth triggers a self-fulfilling prophecy when people choose to forget about big career goals, because they think it’s too late to think about it,” says Raina. – The truth is that success can come at any age.”

Myth 3: You have to literally kill yourself to succeed.

“Too often successful professionals start to romanticize stress. They think that stressful situations should accompany any busy life, ” – Sherwin says.
But stress at your job doesn’t mean that your career is going well. According to her: “People have to cope with long hours of waiting and with the tasks that need to be performed at the same moment. And they think that without these things it`s impossible to imagine modern business. But this should not be. Long-term expectations and sudden deadlines do not guarantee that you will be able to do something constructive.”
Moreover, when you go through excessive psychological stress, your chances of success reduce. In addition, being in a stressful situation, you begin to provoke stress among the other members of the team, which destroys the working relationship.
Instead of looking at your amount of work as a measure of success, decide what success means to you — then you can find a balance in your work based on that definition. As a result, “you are likely to become more productive and less exhausted.”
Sherwin suggests: “Develop tactics to move forward, learn to say “no” and learn to manage your time.”

Myth 4: You should lead your policy.

You hate office intrigue, but you still play these games because you think that without it there is no successful career. But Raina says that you do not have to participate in this.
“There is a misconception that in order to make a career, you have to play office games and make sure they are” dirty, ” says Raina. – If people believe in this myth and do not want to “get dirty” in this, they try to avoid self-promotion and building relationships, because it can be perceived as part of the political game. But in fact, in most companies, when deciding on the career destiny of an employee, managers start from what they see first.”
Therefore, instead of playing office games, Raina offers to spend time on “strengthening your personal brand and building relationships within the team.”

Sigma Group of Institutes can assure you that if you manage to do this, you will increase your value for decision makers, and you will have a great chance to move your career forward.