In late August 2018, severe flooding affected the south Indian state of Kerala due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. It was the worst flooding in Kerala in nearly a century. One-sixth of the total population of Kerala had been directly affected by the floods and related incidents. Many organisations, celebrities, NGOs, and the government are connected in relief work. To help in this type of noble work, students of Sigma Institute of Technology and Engineering (SITE Polytechnic) have taken the initiative to collect clothes, which were sent through Radio City. They have also collected a small amount which has been sent to the affected people of highly affected area, Aluva village. Sigma salutes the following students for their noble efforts: Rakshit Rav, Kalpesh Patil, Kartik Soni, Akshat Mehta, Hemanshu Ranpara, Arun Tahilramani, Dev Parikh, Sahil Saikh, Bhargav Joshi, and Sagar Dhobi.

Thanks a lot to the all students and staff memebers of SITE Polytechnic for contribution in a noble work