No. Designation Name of Participent Name of Event Date of Event Participent Status Document
1 Staff Dr. Anisha Parikh (PT) CME on Knee Arthritis held by Nisarg Hospital, Vadodara 17/04/2016 Participated
2 Student Miss Kavita Thakkar 1st Rank in SY B. Physiotherapy in Gujarat University Examination 2014-15 Won
3 Student Master Parth Upadhyay 1st Prize in District Level Yogasana competition in Khel Mahakumbh January 2016 Won
4 Staff Sigma Physiotherapy Staff Lecture on Ergonomics 08/09/2016 Participated
5 Student Sigma Physiotherapy students Halla Bol 06/09/2016 Participated
6 Staff Dr Shahanawaz Syed Significant Contribution Award, In Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation By AIIMS, New Delhi. During MHC - AIIMS 2016 Conference held on November 06 2016. 06/11/2016 Participated
7 Staff Dr Shahanawaz Syed Invited As Guest Speaker, Korean Society of Exercise Rehabilitation, On October 22nd 2016, held at Gachon University, Republic of Korea. 22/10/2016 Participated
8 Staff Dr Shahanawaz Syed Invited As Guest Speaker, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, conference MHC - AIIMS on November 5th 2016 05/11/2016 Participated