Name of Lab Major Subject Major Equipment Photo
1 Earthquake Engineering Lab Earthquake Engineering Uniaxial Shake Table with Servo- Controller
2 Geo-Tech Lab Soil Mechanics, Geo-tech Standard Penetration Test Apparatus, Triaxia
3 Transportation Engineering Lab Highway Engineering, Urban Transportation Systems Los-Angeles abrasion testing machine, Ductil
4 Concrete Technology Lab Concrete Technology, Repairs & Rehabilitation of Structures Flexural Strength Testing Machine, Schmidt H
5 Surveying Lab Elements of Civil Engineering, Surveying, Advanced Surveying Total Station, Transit Theodolite, Digital D
6 Applied Mechanics Lab Mechanics of Solids, Structure Analysis-I, Structure Analysis-II Universal Testing Machine, Compression Testi
7 Environmental Engineering Lab Environmental Engineering, Water & Waste Water Engineering B.O.D. Incubator, Turbidity Meter, Electroni
8 Engineering Geology Lab Geo-tech & Applied Geology Polarsing Microscope Binacular, Landform Mod