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Case Study of STROME WATER DRAINAGE SYSTEM of Vadodara City. Student Name: Dabhekar Nishant C (120500106009), Patil Hemant M (130503106008); Guided by: Ratansharan Panchal; Abstract: A project case study carried out on the storm water drainage system, conventional method of drainage system of Vadodara city. Also, survey work carried out on faulty design of drainage system in the areas, solution and alternatives to stop water logging on roads.
Evaluate the Performance of Various INDUSTRIAL WASTE MATERIALS IN CONCRETE Student Name: Nakarani Yogesh M (110500106029), Bhut Santosh H (120500106003), Vachhani Ankit S (110500106040), Sakariya Darshan C (120500106031); Guided by: Jaimin Shah; Abstract: The primary aim of this research is to evaluate the durability of concrete made with foundry sand.This research has shown that replacing some percentage of natural aggregates by foundrysand causes negligible degradation in strength.
Statistical Analysis of CBD Bottleneck Traffic Student Name: Shethwala Faizan M (120500106016), Sindha Aniruddhasinh R (120500106025), Soni Samarth S (120500106057), Sonvane Paritosh D (130503106015); Guided by: Sandeep Khorasiya; Abstract: Efficient transportation plays a wide role in economy of any developing country like India. It is very important to study about the CBD traffic for the future planning and providing TSM actions. A statistical and modern approach to solve various traffic flow parameters (types of vehicles, flows, densit
Analysis of Self Supported RCC Chimney Student Name: Parekh Krunal P (120500106029), Kharodawala Munira K (120500106058), Sawant Pooja S (130503106011), Thakor Vaibhavi M (130503106016); Guided by: Vikrant Prajapati; Abstract: Parametric study on chimney from height 150 m to 250 m. Our aim is to predict along different locations, wind response of tall chimneys of different height and diameter with analytical approach taken as per IS 4998-1992 (PART I) and compare with corresponding experimental values.
Sky Bus – A Morden Mass Transit System Student Name: Desai Dhruv (110503106007), Patel Pratik (100500106008), Patel Rachit (100500106025), Sorathia Saket (100500106026); Guided by: Vikram Patel; Abstract: Rapid transit in India consists of bus, metro, monorail and light rail systems.In a sky bus idea The vehicles could operate on an elevated guideway, at ground level or below street level.
Study of Green Building and its Technologies Student Name: Raj krunal (100500106028), Patel Vanraj (100500106023), Baria Dipak (100500106037), Peerzada Juned (100500106027); Guided by: Finhasali Chinwala; Abstract: In order to have a productive green home, you need to be able to cut costs when required. This means using less electricity and trying to eliminate the products that have a negative impact on the environment.
Recycled Aggregate Concrete Student Name: Movaliya Brijesh (100500106058), Shinde Niraj (100500106059), Patel Nipun (100504106101); Guided by: Ankit Patel & Mamata Rajgor; Abstract: Crushed recycled concrete can also be used as the dry aggregate for brand new concrete if it is free of contaminants. Also, concrete pavements can be broken in place and used as a base layer for an asphalt pavement through a process called rubblization.
Post tension design Student Name: Upadhyay Yashpal R (110500106009), Shah Poojaben R (110500106012), Motisariya Mitulbhai B (110500106016), Rushi Archit K (110500106026); Guided by: Tausif Kauswala; Abstract: Post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing (strengthening) concrete or other materials with high-strength steel strands or bars, typically referred to as tendons.
Construction Methods in Saline Region Student Name: Sapara Viranchi M (110500106005), Patel Himani A (110500106035), Sahani Rahul M (110500106056), Patel Upal J (110500106062); Guided by: Jaimin Shah; Abstract: Salts are a natural part of the Australian landscape. Concentrated salt and different types of salt, once dissolved and mobilised in water, can have an impact on the durability of some building material. This project looks at: 1. how salts get into building material 2. the effect salt and water can have on some building
A Study based on Performance of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Steel Slag and Paper Waste Student Name: Patel Nisarg V (100500106021), Kotadiya Ekta A (110500106004), Moradiya Gopalbhai B (110500106048), Patel Jignesh H (110500106057); Guided by: Mithilesh Pandya; Abstract: The primary aim of this research is to performance of concrete with partial replacement of steel slag and paper waste.
Comparison between Normal Brick with Alum Block Most of the industrial RCC chimneys are tall structures with circular cross sections. Industrial Chimneys are generally intended to support critical loads produced by seismic activity and Wind. In the design of tall chimneys, estimation of exact wind loads is very difficult. Parametric study on chimney from height 150m to 250m.Our aim is to predict along different locations, wind response of tall chimneys of different height and diameter with analytical approach taken as per IS 4998-1992 (PART
Dream Village-A case study of Bakrol village Dream village knows about its citizen’s available resources, applicable service & schemes. It knows what needs & when its needs. Human society is developing with rapid momentum and achieved various successes for making its livelihood batter. The current study mainly aimed to develop bakrol village. The provision made in this work is to be provide basic amenities like proper drainage system, water facilities, recreation areas, transportation facilities, educational facilities, primary health c
Analysis and Design of Water and Waste Water System of Darjipura Village This poster concerns for the design of rural water distribution and waste water disposal system in developing countries. Most of population of India is staying in rural area. At end of nineteen century, community is not getting water at their resident and not disposed out waste water in the village. But water supply and waste water disposal is basic need of human being and it is directly effect on human health. Indian government is decided to provide safe, regular and adequate water to the commu