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GREEN VILLAGE The aim of this research work to make economical and green village to maintain environmental balance and avoid problem of system disposal. Due to increase in pollution atmosphere polluted and its necessary to save environment. Day by Day industrialization develop fastly so to save environment, population, method like green village development.70% of our Indian population stay in a villages so to develop our country related with farming and to develop villages, then only the dream of make in Indi
SAND REPLACEMENT BY QUARRY DUST IN CONCRETE This investigation aims to come up with a mix proportion for concrete class M25 by the use of quarry dust instead of normal river sand for concrete mix. India has currently undertaken a major initiative on development of infrastructure such as express highways, power projects, industrial structures, the construction of buildings and other structures, in order to meet the requirement of globalization in its future vision. Concrete plays the key role towards this development and a large quantum o
HOT WEATHER CONCRETE Weather conditions at a jobsite—hot or cold, windy or clam, dry or humid—may be vastly different from the optimum conditions assumed at the time a concrete mix is specified, designed or selected, or from laboratory conditions in which concrete specimens are stored and tested. Hot weather conditions adversely influence concrete quality primarily by accelerating the rate of moisture loss and rate of cement hydration that occur at higher temperatures. We can use crushed ice to
GREEN CONCRETE In present time the graph of development is becomes higher. As a part of development, rate of building construction is also high so it means there is lots of use of concrete. Basically a normal concrete release CO2 emission in its production. It has been observed that 0.9 tonnes of CO2 is produced per ton of cement production. Thus, by the use of green concrete it is possible to reduce the CO2 emission in atmosphere towards eco-friendly construction. In this project we are making a green concret
FLOATING POND AGRICULTURE  This research aims to come up with a substitute of agriculture land by adopting pond agriculture.  In India due to industrialization can advancement in technology agriculture reduced simultaneously increase in population causes increase of food demand to counter balance the scarce of land and food demand, pond agriculture is to be adopted.  Pond agriculture means to grow the crop on water with the help of different engineering technology.  In our project we have study on timbi po
BAGASSE BRICKS The main objective of this study is to investigation the utilization potential of bagasse production reduce in clay brick. In India annually 90 million tons of bagasse produces and expected increasing percentage in future. The attempt has been made for producing light weight bricks with increasing percentage of bagasse by weight. The effects of bagasse addition on the mechanical properties of the bricks were investigated. The investigated results shows combination of clay, flyash bagasse is ligh
TO SOLVE TRAFFIC PROBLEM ON SARDAR BRIDGE AT NH-8 Due to advance technology the development of road has increased. Due to heavy traffic of vehicle accidents occurs regularly. So it also creates physiological effects. And traffic management become important. Traffic congestion occurs when volume of traffic modal spilt generates demand for space grater then the available road capacity this point is commonly termed saturation. As a demand approaches the capacity of road or the intersection along the road extreme traffic congestion sets in. When