Project Name Project Description Photos
AUTOMOBILE SERVICE ANYWHERE The need of this system is to provide the navigation to search garages and petrol pumps as near as possible from location of user This is project done with mobile apps
Sigma Student Management Our project title is “Sigma Student Management”. It is a windows based application and in this application all the data of faculty and student are stored. Our project models are admin and faculty. Students have to fill up information forms in every semester. Students have to give their information details to their Branch Representative every semester. If Faculty want an individual data of student to print, first he/she has to make word file for it, then print it. Every semester students hav
SMART VEHICLE PARKING SYSTEM Nowadays use of vehicles has increased so at many places there arises a parking problem. New invention of multi-floored parking has came into effect at many places. So it become hard to find the vacant place to park the vehicle. Here we introduce a Smart parking system. It is a windows application. In this, there will be a camera at the entrance of parking where the photo of the number plate will be taken. The employee will see the vacant place and allocate that place to that number plate vehicl