Project Name Project Description Photos
Two Wheeled Self Balancing Robot Nowadays due to future development size of vehicles becomes compact and it should be convenient. This project describes the utility of technology and innovative idea to make a small two wheeled self balancing vehicle which will not fall in any direction. Such a structure is become difficult to make but using microcontroller and accelerometer this can be possible which is shown in this project. Here we have made a model of “TWO WHEELED SELF BALANCING ROBOT”, when it tilts in either direction
A Military Robot The military forces always tried to use new gadgets and weapons for reducing the risk of their casualties and to defeat their enemies. With the development of sophisticated technology, it mostly relies on the high tech weapons or machinery being used. Robotics is one of the hot fields of modern age in which the nations are concentrating upon for military purposes in the state of war and peace.
Home Appliances Controlled By Human Voice Command The main concern in systems development is the integration of technologies to increase customer satisfaction. Research presented in this paper focuses mainly in three things first to understand the speech or voice of user second is to control the home appliances through voice command and third is to finds intrusion in the house. The user can make a voice command in order to perform certain actions such as switching lights on/off, getting the status of any appliance etc. M
Accident Alert In Turning Point With Use Laser Technology This project is developed for the users to have accident alert in modern traffic this device can be used in highly accidental area and pin drop curves to avoid accidents. In modern scenario traffic and accident is a most problem in the whole world. That are many and much more system and projects Developed by government and other reputed organization but they don’t get purely success to stop prevent accident. So we focus current problem on world we are developing a new system that name is “AC