Indian higher education initiative to help African countries with skill development, scientific research, bridge digital divide and more are all focused to improve the knowledge diplomacy between the countries. As such, to support this government initiative – at Sigma Group of Institutes we have pledge to provide a helping hand to all the international students from African countries to build a strong foundation for their careers.

Let’s walk you through the different opportunities international students from African Countries can have at Sigma Group of Institutes.

Opportunities for International African Student

At Sigma Group of Institutes we allocate 15 % of the total seats for international students under the Foreign/NRI category. As such a wide door off opportunities can be acquired by African Students. Besides this opportunity, we also offer scholarship for students who have achieved educational excellence in their academic curriculum before higher education. Further, Sigma Groups of Institutes also offers dedicated teachers for African Students to help them with:

  • Online and distance education programs
  • Hands on practical and theoretical educational approach
  • Discuss career-based vocational education programs suitable for the job market in Africa
  • Alert students to affordable courses
  • Follow international quality of education
  • Placement Support
  • Internship Opportunities
  • A Degree that is globally accepted

These opportunities help us bridge the educational gap for African students and provide them with a helping hand they require. So if you are an African student looking for higher educational opportunities, then Sigma Group of Institutes is just the place to begin with to fulfill an era of change for your career.

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