Warm welcome to SIGMA on behalf of my entire SIGMA Family.

World of Academia today has changed and has changed for Good. So have our knowledge tools. Perspective towards Education is constantly evolving across the globe. Our efforts to Adapt and Adopt to this New Knowledge is the Real Power of Future.  BIGSIGMA is Blessed with the inclusion of KG TO PG structure which focuses on reaching these very Un attempted knowledge-seeking potentials which will eventually empower us for all-round development and a Bright successful Future.

My Father, Founder and Chairman Emeritus Shri Shaileshbhai Shah, has always guided me with a unique vision: Never-ending enthusiasm and inquisitiveness for New Knowledge.

At SIGMA, we follow these very core principals of Seeking for the Positive New. We thrive to arm ourselves with all measures possible to give the best to our students. Be it Kindergarten kids or our scholar Post Graduate Research fellows.

We provide them with best of technology along with an overall extracurricular environment because We want them to grow with a holistic approach of Life and Career.

Through our elaborate chain of Schools, we sow the seeds of highest moral virtues and values combined with latest in academics so that our students can reap the best.  With a variety of courses on offer at across our campuses and colleges like, Technical, Management, Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and more, SIGMA is a one stop solution for all that you need from your academic career.

Friends, Academic Degree in today`s times has become equivalent to skill. Our Equal Focus is on the Skill Development of Early Youth through our elaborate Diploma and ITI Programs.  Through our support to Startups and Innovations for budding entrepreneurs and researchers we convey our strength towards Building a New India which is Vocal for Local and Make in India programs.

SIGMA means Summation. Inclusion of All. We started with continue with and shall flourish with the eternal Indian Values of  सरवेत्र सुखिनः संतु and  वसुधैव कुटुंबकम.

Let us Empower and Enlighten together : our World with Knowledge. As at SIGMA we say “Knowledge is Power ”

I invite you all with positive feelings to connect with us digitally as well as physically. We commit to make your knowledge more Powerful.  Welcome to SIGMA where Knowledge is Power.

Thank You.

Dr. Harsh S Shah
Chairman Sigma Group of Institutes