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    The Sigma alumni are exceptional, innovative and successful. They have a global impact. Be a part of this powerful network!

    Whether your connections to Sigma are through one of the schools or colleges the Sigma Alumni Association serves as a source of volunteer guidance, resources, camaraderie and support. Join us for our events and don’t hesitate to let us know what you want from your Alumni Association. Your interests are important. Together, we will help ensure the excellence that is the source of our pride in Sigma Group of Institutes.


    The mission of the Sigma Alumni Association is to reach, serve and engage all Sigma alumni. The Association connects Sigma Alumni to the University and to each other and supports the College’s mission of teaching, research and service.


    Start programs that foster campus traditions and perpetuate a passion for a life-long involvement with the University. Students for a short time, alumni for a lifetime.

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