Admissions Open 2022

    About Sigma Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre & Hospital

    Education is perhaps the most important aspect for a society to prosper, profit & progress. It makes the future citizens of our country & propels them from Good to Better & Better to Best.

    What then should be the methodology of education? In essence, it is important for students to be educated in a way that expands not only their theoretical knowledge but also gives them a bright future & contributes towards the progress of the nation. Now add to this the word “MEDICAL” and all the above points get compounded 10 times!! Hence we believe in composite development, not only theoretical but all round personality development.

    MEDICAL EDUCATION” is a continuously evolving process. Be it USA or INDIA, doctors are respected worldwide. It is here that SIGMA HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL excels. Now add to this the term “HOMOEOPATHIC” and let’s look at the challenge in front of us.

    The college and hospital boasts of excellent infrastructure, excellent teachers and excellent doctors in the hospital. A good teaching staff not only puts the “TEXT BOOKS” out for the students but shows them the path to excel as Homoeopathic doctors.