Trend- Setter

Our Approach to Undergraduate Education
At the undergraduate level, our goal is to create students who excel in engineering and applied sciences, but also have a broad knowledge of other disciplines and wish to connect advances in engineering to society’s most challenging problems.
To advance our plans, we are finding new ways to engage students and deliver content, reconsidering what we teach and developing more ways to connect classroom experiences to the wider world.
We want to enable students from all other concentrations to learn how engineering and technology underpin many aspects of society and the world. We believe that exposing all our students to the tenets of engineering – analysis, synthesis / integration, design, and building – will give them a greater appreciation for science and technology and better prepare them for a world in which technology is part of every sphere of life.

Faculty Interactions
We conduct weekly faculty meeting to review the progress of the academic session, while keeping tabs on the faculty – student interactions. This takes care of periodical diagnostic check on the academic environment at the campus while serving the purpose of solving problems before they emerge. These interactions represent the interests of faculty and students within the institute and beyond through a healthy mix of committees and campaigns.

Lectures and academic events
All new freshers are given introductory lectures to make them feel at home. We provide them with free booklet called The Art of Learning, an in-house publication of Sigma, which takes care of this period of transition from school to university very smartly while making them feel at home.
Sigma hosts a series of inaugural and public lectures. All new senior faculty at Sigma are asked to give an inaugural lecture in an area connected to their research. These lectures are a way for them to introduce themselves to Sigma and to the wider community.
Public lectures are given by high profile guests from the public domain and leading academics from the University. They are open to staff & students and are a great way to find out about other areas of work. The Business School also promotes a range of events that take place across campus – these include sessions with guest speakers on areas such as employment and events run by other organizations.

Hard Talk
Student discipline is the matter of zero tolerance and is on the top of the agenda at Sigma and hence we encourage students to respect the rules and regulations of the institute. We have discovered a novel way to curb various forms of violations ranging from ragging, bunking of the classes to making disturbance in the corridors by making the defaulters to contribute generously to the Sigma Students Welfare Fund. Imagine having hundreds of interesting and inspiring opportunities on your doorstep. That’s campus life at Sigma.

Group Activities
Alongside regular social events and live entertainment, you can also get involved in over various ongoing activities, attend evening lectures in a range of subjects, sign up for sports teams and meet friends in canteen at the campus.